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Pastel Plague

Stretchy kitkat (tell him GOOD STRETCH or he will cry)

Stretchy kitkat (tell him GOOD STRETCH or he will cry)

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Hey now, what are you doing, silly kitkat? Himb stretching his limby limbs. Excellent, now he can grasp on to edges of things. Quite the little meowxplorer.

This one measures around 4cm in length, and 3cm in height. He smol bebe, fits in your hand like a lil TREASURE of FRIENDSHIP.

Hand sculpted out of polymer clay, sanded for smoothness, uniquely painted by hand with acrylic paint and glazed with a lovely finish of UV resin, protecting the paintwork and the figurine from damage. Absolutely safe to drop, your kitter is sturdy and here to stay on your desk, shelf, coffee table, windowsill, inside PC case?!
He's not afraid of ANYWHERE you put him.

You see, when he was put into the oven and baked, he felt fear... for the last time.

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