frequently asked questions


How long until my order ships?

For clay items, time for dispatch is typically around a week.

If you are working with a certain timeframe, i.e. it is a birthday gift, please don't hesitate to message me and I will quickly get back to you about what I have on hand and how long it will take. I want you to be happy with every step of your experience with me and excellent customer service is paramount to me.

My order shipped, but it's not here yet. Where is my order?!

Hey, deep breaths. I'm here to help.

I ship from the UK, and any domestic deliveries will take 1-5 business days, typically arriving within the first three days. I would consider the mail lost if it does not arrive for two weeks.

For international deliveries, the time frame expands. They will typically take 2-3 weeks, and I would consider the mail lost if it has not arrived for 4-6 weeks.

I know it sucks to wait for a package that exists somewhere in the quantum realm, but once the package leaves my hands we both have to put trust in the postal service gods.

What's your return policy?

Please note that I do not accept returns. Each item is handmade, unique and made to order, and I am the sole artist putting my heart and soul into my craft. Please make sure that you are certain about your purchase.

It's a long process, and I do it just for you! So, please be sure when you're placing your order, and put your trust in me that I will deliver the best quality clay friend that I can possibly make!

If there is a quality issue or damage in transit, please get in touch and we will resolve the problem together.

I need this order for a birthday/anniversary/bar mitzvah!

If you're in a rush, let me know ASAP with the date you need the item by and I'll get back to you.

Can you gift wrap my order for me?

Clay items arrive in small gift boxes, wrapped in tissue paper. I think they are immediately giftable, and don't generate gift wrapping paper waste.

I don't include a packing slip or invoice that shows any pricing in any of the orders. I will include a thank you card, however (because you're too important to me not to send you one!).

If you'd like a special message put in, let me know. I'll write it by hand. I think my handwriting is pretty alright!

Is your packaging eco-friendly/sustainable?

You can recycle or re-use the cardboard box(es) your order comes in.

I'm working towards fully recyclable packaging. Once I use up the tissue paper and plastic tape I have, I am switching to paper packing tape and recycled kraft wrapping paper.

Can't find an answer to your question?

Please don't hesitate to get in touch via the Contact page, or e-mail me with the button below ❀