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Pastel Plague

Mum said it's my turn on the Xbox Bear Keychain

Mum said it's my turn on the Xbox Bear Keychain

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Square up to him if you dare, but judging by the size of those traps I would not be coming within a cubic mile of this magnificent architecturally windproofed mothersweeter. Guardian of galaxies, backpacks, keys, and anywhere that has a loop.

Comes with swivel hook, ready to be attached to anything and everything.

Sculpted out of polymer clay, then glazed with UV resin for maximum shmoooooooooooooothness and glossy times babyyy.

Minor imperfections may be present due to the handmade nature of the item. This sculpt should not really have any weak points because of how chunky it is, but try not to bash it against the concrete or anything like that, okay? My man here is buff, but not down to just straight up get yeeted to the ground. Have some RESPECT

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