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Pastel Plague

Salt & Pepper Seal Figurine

Salt & Pepper Seal Figurine

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It's the cutest minion, but, you know, IRL. Which means you can play with it when you're bored, put it inside your PC or by your monitor... it'll just STARE CUTELY FOREVER. Arf arf. Do not feed after midnight.

'None can say how this seal pup came to be at Loch Seld, but the person who first saw it took to calling it “salt” for the briny water, then someone else came along and added “pepper,” because why not. The rest, as they say, is history.'

Sculpted out of polymer clay and glazed with UV resin for extra durability and shine. Minor imperfections may be present due to the handmade nature of the items. Please handle with care, and avoid using as projectiles.

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